Working in social care is incredibly rewarding, but it’s not for everyone.

Take our short quiz to find out whether you’re suited to life as a carer.

  • Patience

    Many of our service users need help with day-to-day activities like shopping, cooking and personal wellbeing. Our carers are there to help them manage these activities whilst teaching them the skills they need to live independently.


    How would you feel about helping someone improve their life skills?

  • Support

    Young people and adults with mental health conditions or learning disabilities often need support with medical appointments, housing options and claiming benefits. Part of a carer’s role is to advocate on their behalf to ensure they get the medical and financial support they’re entitled to.


    How confident are you speaking up in meetings and appointments?

  • Decision making

    Caring for people with complex needs often requires you to make decisions and act quickly and professionally.


    Would you say you’re a quick thinker in challenging situations?

  • Flexibility

    As a carer, your role will sometimes involve staying overnight or working flexible hours to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the person you’re caring for.


    Are you able to be flexible with your working hours and adapt to the changing needs of the service user?

  • Fitness

    Caring for people with complex needs can be great fun, and we get involved with as many physical activities as we can.


    Are you a hands-on person who likes to get active and enjoy the outdoors?

  • Adaptability

    It’s important that all our service users are looked after in a consistent and professional way in accordance with their personalised care plan even when their behaviour is challenging.


    Do you have the attention to detail and professionalism needed to ensure the rules are followed, even in a difficult environment?

Great! We think you’d be suited to a career in complex care.

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Live-in Housekeeper and Carer

  • Leatherhead, Surrey
  • Permanent
  • Up to £140 per day + Contribution towards travel expenses
  • Carer for Leatherhead

Job Overview

BEYOND LIMITS is Recruiting on behalf of LET'S BELONG, LTD.

Working for a small person-centred organization your job will be to join a team, who in their various roles, are supporting a family, including a middle-aged man (N) with Autism and his father (M) who has Motor Neurone Disease.
This vital and rewarding support will enable each member of the family to get on with living their own and their shared family lives during this changing time.

Date Applications Close: 17/06/2024

Requirements will vary from day to day and over the coming months, so flexibility and patience will be greatly appreciated.
M has memory and navigational difficulties and may be more at risk from infection due to swallowing difficulties. His personal care needs are expected to increase. Quiet and thoughtful assistance will enable M to sustain his relationship with all of his children and grandchildren.

N has learning/ communication difficulties and has PTSD following an assault in 1999. He lives in his own apartment in the house next door to the family home. Unless he is at an activity elsewhere, he chooses to spend part of each day in his parents' house. He usually arrives mid to late morning, has lunch with the family, makes phone calls, FaceTime's his girlfriend, and stays until about 6pm when he returns to his apartment to make his own supper.
N's needs often come first, and sometimes they will interrupt other routines. He can become very distressed if arrangements change suddenly.


Consistency and reliability is critical
Valid Drivers Licence

Main Duties:

Driving and accompanying family members to appointments or for an outing.
Assisting M with any activities that require fine motor control or lifting.
Helping with general household tasks including shopping/food preparation/cooking/ washing up/disposing of rubbish.
General companionship including playing board games, enjoying music with N, going for a walk with M.
Collaborating with the family and other team members to provide the best possible care and support with S' guidance (S is mother of N, wife of M).

Training is provided to ensure everyone's safety.

We need an individual who is passionate about working with people and who is looking to enhance the lives of our clients who are members of the same family.

Ideally, we would like an individual with previous care experience and/or experience working with or living with an adult with learning disabilities/autism. The right attitude and the desire to help others and a willingness to do further training is as important.

You must:

* Be willing to commit to a year or more, following an initial trial period
* Have a clean driving license and be willing to drive
* Have excellent listening skills with a good comprehension of the English language
* Be trustworthy, dependable and reliable
* Be patient, respectful and understanding
* Be flexible and adaptable to meet ever changing requirements.
* Be creative, a good problem solver
* Be able to remain calm under pressure
* Be an excellent timekeeper
* Be positive
* Be self-motivated
* Be calm
* Understand the values of inclusion and be able to support each family member to live their best life

A DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) Check will be requested in the event of the individual being offered a position with Beyond Limits, the cost of which will be to the employee, however, this will be returned after successful completion of probation period (6 months).